The ONE EDM-200 Electric Smart DRUM


    • [Authentic Playing Experience] Powered by Mesh Technology, the mesh heads on the The ONE EDM-200 Electronic Drum Set deliver a comfortable real-drum feel that makes playing fun.
    • [Premium Drum Learning APP] This electric drum set comes with a 3-month premium drum learning app that helps you learn drums at no cost. The app InstaDrum offers a fun and easy way to learn drums. It recognizes your playing and gives instant feedback on your playing on drums.
    • [Professional Drum Kit] This electric drum kit comes with everything a drummer needs to play like a pro! It includes 8″ mesh snare drum, (3) 8″ mesh toms, (3) 10″ cymbals, foot pedals, drumsticks and headphones.
    • [Beginner-friendly Features] Built-in 333 sounds&15 drum kits, with 31 demo songs covering multiple music styles. The learning and practice tools make this digital drum set ideal for beginners, students, and practice.
    • [Easy to Connect] Want to get rid of all the connecting cables? This electronic drum kit allows you to wirelessly connect to videos and apps with integrated Bluetooth audio. Audio from your device plays through the same speaker or headphones as your drums.
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